Record your Song with Cake

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Give that family member or a dear friend of yours an opportunity to feel like a star. If your special someone loves to sing, give him/ her a once in a lifetime opportunity to record a song in a professional studio. He/ she may record a one minute song under the guidance of experts in the studio. You may rent the studio for two hours for this. After 72 hours watch their joy as their song is emailed to them with the necessary edits, music, and voice modulation.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Subject to availability, Book minimum two days in advance.
  2. A pre-decided song needs to be confirmed at least 24hours prior to the studio booking time.
  3. Rehearse the song before you record it. For ease, we will provide you with a Karaoke copy of the song.
  4. For bookings call us at 8850882267.