Hand or Foot Imprints with Clay Glazing

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Have you ever wanted to leave your mark somewhere? Sink your feet (or hands) into wet clay as a professional artist creates 3D impressions that will last with you for a lifetime.  These impressions will be taken in a warm studio and may be done with either both feet, both hands, or one hand and one foot. A perfect way to imprint the memories of your little ones!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Subject to availability.
  2. You will have to book the experience two-three days in advance.
  3. The price will include the studio rental, artist, cost of firing, and glazing.
  4. The fired piece ought to be collected from the studio. It will be available after three weeks of completion of the activity or any other time as notified.
  5. While we only use top quality clay, please be aware if you have any allergies to clay or clay products.
  6. Suitable for adults and children above six month of age.